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  Customer Service
  Ordering Online  
  Submit your order securely to us via this web site. You can even choose to pick up your order in the store - at no additional cost!  
  Ordering By Phone  
  Call us at 1-575-392-5392. Our friendly staff will assist you in placing your order over the phone. Use our site as your own personal catalog!  
  Shipping Policies  
  New Mexico Junior College Bookstore is proud to offer you the most competitive shipping rates. All of our shipments are professionally packed to ensure the safety of your items in route. On average, your order will be received in 7 - 10 working days. During August or December, delivery time may take longer.  
  Product Returns  
  Register receipts are REQUIRED for all returns.

Textbook Returns Information
(During Registration)

  1. Textbooks purchased the two week purchase period at the beginning of the semester are returnable only up to 10 days past the class start date. These two weeks are the week before classes begin.
  2. Textbooks purchased before or after this period are returnable within 24 hours of purchase only.  
  3. All textbooks must be in original sales condition for return.
  4. A new course schedule is required for returns if returning a textbook because of wrong book purchased or you are dropping a class.

All other merchandise has a 5-day return period from the date of purchase for defects only.